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Stevensville Soccer

P.O. Box 144, Stevensville, Montana 59870
(406) 543-3514

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [FAQ Question]---When does Spring Soccer begin?
A: [FAQ Answer]---Depends upon the weather; usually 2nd week in March

Q: [FAQ Question]---When does Spring Soccer end?
A: [FAQ Answer]---At the end of the State Tournament---Mid June

Q: [FAQ Question]---What is the cost?
A: [FAQ Answer]---Cost differ from year to year.  Cost depends upon the number of participants. The normal cost is about $225.00.

Q: [FAQ Question]---Is there a great deal of travel?
A: [FAQ Answer]---On normal conditions, the furthest distance traveled is Bozeman.  Most of the weekend travel is within 125 miles.